Ecotourism in Mexico

Mexico is without a doubt an amazing country, full of wonders that many people don’t even know, its natural attractions are just amazing: natural pools with turquoise water, virgin cenotes, archeological places to be explored, rivers, beaches and many natural places that only a few travelers have seen.

In Mexcellence Travel we know about the ecotourism paradises that Mexico offers and that are not so popular among the regular tourists, so we’ve decided to tell you about some of them so you feel like visiting them to live a unique travel experience, so let’s start!

Misol-Há waterfalls, Chiapas. This beautiful waterfall is much closed to the archeological zone of Palenque. Counts with a 25 meters high and due to its form is visible through many angles. Bordered with tall mahogany threes and chicozapotes. Water falls into a pool where you are able to swim, definitely this is a place you must visit.

Uxuxubi, Quintana Roo. A natural destiny hidden in the Rivera Maya, bordered by nature, culture and history, where one of the predominant activities is the planting of organic food. This place is ideal for the ones who enjoy nature and tranquility, you’ll be able to swim in a turquoise lagoon, crocodile watching, walking through the forest and many other activities.

Lo de Marcos, Nayarit. This is one of the less known places in Mexico, located in Rivera Nayarit, is full of wonderful green, blue, brown colored coasts. Sand has a pearl color that contrasts unbelievably with the tropical forest all around.

Tamul Waterfall, San Luis Potosí. This huge waterfall is placed in La Huasteca Potosina, the biggest waterfall at San Luis Potosí State, it has 105 meters high. To be admired, the only way is by canoe, you will have to row through the Tampaon River. Definitely this tour will be a whole adventure because it is countercurrent, also you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the turquoise waters of the river.

Loltun caves, Yucatán. One of the most amazing places into the beautiful state of Yucatan are the Loltun caves, located at the south of this state. This is an archeological place due to it’s been found evidence of the human presence as stone tools, ceramic objects, cave paintings and also prehistoric animals remains like mammoths and mastodons.

Join Mexcellence Travel trips, we’ll take you to discover wonderful places like these, where you will live unique experiences in Mexico.

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