Our Team

Olaf Meier

Mexcellence Travel Olaf Meier

For already two decades Olaf has been living and exploring Mexico. Passionate about the country everyday again, travelling around in Mexico as often as possible, meeting local people, touching new destinations, original places. He loves to live Mexico as it is: purely inspiring.

Barbara Klaer

Mexcellence Travel Barbara Klaer

Barbara has been living and working in tourism in Mexico for more than 20 years already. She has a profound knowledge of this beautiful country, counting with a vast experience in creating, planning and on-site operation of groups, meetings, incentives & cruise ships.

Patricia Barrios

Mexcellence Travel Patricia Barrios

Patricia has a life long and vast experience in touristic operation and loves to assure all of your trip’s services. Several decades in working with international tourism have fomented her dedication to careful management of your trip operation.

Minerva Martínez

Minerva has been working for 30 years in the tourism industry. She loves Mexico’s different travel possibilities – assuring to give an unforgettable travel experience to our clients. In her private time, Minerva likes to travel, read, cook and to be with her family.

Stephanie Estrada

Stephanie is one of the youngest member in our team. She is full of energy and has an unspoiled spirit to be brought with lots of discipline into our operations and sales department. Her passion is travelling, which allows her to see new things and not to stop learning for life.

Mónica Rodríguez

Mónica’s record in in-coming tourism is over 25 years long, which has allowed her to learn about the many facets of her own country. Monica likes to dive into culture with theatre, cinema, reading… and to share time with her beloved family.

Francesca Monarca

Born and raised in Europe, Francesca started working in tourism in Europe. After intense travelling in Mexico, she decided to work here for a DMC. Francesca is highly dedicated to open new paths for religious tourism in Mexico. She enjoys the wonderful climate in Cancún, where she lives with her family.

Miriam Toriz

Miriam started with tourism in 2014. She likes to travel to know new places and to get in contact with the locals in each place. Sharing experiences about Mexico and making travelers fall in love with this lovely country are among her primary aims. On the private side, her life revolves around her wonderful cats.

Yuliana Castillo

Yuliana is the most recent member of the Mexcellence Travel family; graduated in 2010, she began her career in tourism working in restaurants and travel agencies, her main passion is to discover Mexico, its cuisine and its people. She enjoys literature accompanied by her favorite music, watch movies and live with her family.