Querétaro, Mexican Essence

When it comes to exploring Mexico, choosing the perfect destination can be overwhelming. However, in the heart of this diverse country, you’ll find a treasure that combines history, nature and culinary delights: the state of Querétaro. Querétaro is a melting pot of history. The city of Querétaro, its capital, is a living testimony of Mexico’s […]

Discover Aguascalientes

Located in the center of Mexico, in the Bajio region in the state of the same name, this is one of the most important cities in the Republic. Here are some recommendations for you to experience this fascinating destination on your next escape to Mexico. Take a city tour in the touristic bus, you will […]

Valle de Santiago

Located approximately two hours from Guanajuato, this town is part of the zone of influence of the Chupicuaro ethnic group; witnesses of this are the ceramic pieces found in the archaeological sites and farmlands of the place. Valle de Santiago is a place surrounded by seven inactive volcanic craters that are known as the 7 […]

Aculco, a Small Colonial Gem Hardly Known

Recently we explored Magical Town of Aculco, which is even and hardly known among Mexicans!  Its origin dates back to prehispanic times, when the settlement was established by the Otomí culture and during the spanish colony. The franciscan order started the building of San Jerónimo Convent in 1540, which nowadays forms the center of this historical town.  Aculco is […]