Discover Aguascalientes

Located in the center of Mexico, in the Bajio region in the state of the same name, this is one of the most important cities in the Republic.

Here are some recommendations for you to experience this fascinating destination on your next escape to Mexico.

Take a city tour in the touristic bus, you will appreciate the Plaza de Toros and the emblematic historic center.

Continue to the Barrio del Encino, also known as Barrio de Triana, where you will also find the Templo del Encino and the Museum of José Guadalupe Posada, known for his famous creation: the catrina, originally called “La Calavera Garvancera” (The Garvancera Skull). Head to the Plaza de las Tres Centurias where you will appreciate “Las Callejuelas del Diablo” with a character disguised as a devil narrating an interesting railroad story, you can visit the old railroad station.

Approximately 30 minutes from the city, in the municipality of Pabellón de Arteaga, you will find the Finca Cuatro Caminos where the olive harvest is carried out, on the tour you will find the Plaza de Toros, the machinery where the olive oil is made by Alfredo Macias a bullfighter who also shows his exhibition of bulls’ heads and an infinity of bullfighting photographs.

Another essential stop is the El Aguaje Vineyard where you can delight yourself with an exquisite meal and enjoy a spectacular view of the vineyards, you can also have a tasting of soft red and white wine.

Just 40 minutes away from the city, you will find the Magical Town of Calvillo, one of the Magical Towns of Aguascalientes. In the historic center you can take the streetcar that will take you to Frutland, the Guava factory, a cozy family place where you will learn all about the elaboration of the typical guava-based sweets in their different presentations, which can even be accompanied with a glass of wine.

Continue to the Museum of the Magical Towns, one of the most iconic of the state, where the artistic and cultural pieces of the 121 magical towns of the country are displayed.

Visit the Templo del Dios de Salitre, considered a heritage of the State, do not miss the opportunity to have a delicious guava ice cream or visit the nearby handicraft houses, everything is made by the artisans of the town.

Here you will also find the most emblematic street of Calvillo “La calle de las graditas”, it has a total of 157 steps.

Magical Town of San José de Gracia, another of the stunning Magical Towns of the State, in this site is located the historical Cristo Roto (Broken Christ) in an island inside the Plutarco Elías Calles dam, the Cristo Roto is one of the five biggest sculptures of all Mexico, inspired by the exodus of the population due to the reservoir that flooded the original town of San José de Gracia, it is dedicated to the sick and homeless people.

To reach it, you may take a boat, the tour consists of observing the sanctuary, the natural canyons and the gate to the dam.

Do not leave Aguascalientes without tasting its delicious representative dish that takes up one of the most important elements of Mexican gastronomy: the chile. “El Chile de Aguascalientes” is prepared with characteristic ingredients of the state, based on dried ancho chile and stuffed with a stew of ground beef, walnuts, biznaga and grapes. Surprise your palate and take with you the traditional Mexican flavor.

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