Morelia, Michoacán

Morelia, the capital of the state of  Michoacán, a purepecha region full of mexican richness located in the heart of the Republic better known as “the soul of Mexico”, is one of the most important tourist destinations recognized for its architectural beauty, its historic center has been designated as “Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. Morelia holds great gifts for its visitors, such as the tranquility and harmony of its colonial architecture of rose-colored quarry stone. Its breathtaking buildings will make you feel like you are in a dreamscape among majestic palaces.

Without forgetting that Morelia has other wonderful faces that will surprise everyone who visits it, such as its natural sceneries, its history, distinctive dishes, legends that are kept alive, the warmth of its people and the art they produce; not too far from the center, around 30 minutes away, you can find the town of Capula, famous for materializing one of the most emblematic and representative characters of mexican culture; the catrina, visit the clay workshops where it is made and have a magical experience, the more you walk through this place, the more you will want to keep discovering, most of the artisans elaborate the emblematic character, however each one of them gives it their personal touch, you can also find other pottery pieces such as plates, cups, pots and vases.

A great destination close to Morelia that you can add to your trip is the Magical Town of Patzcuaro, approximately one hour away. Known worldwide for its ancestral and cultural festivals, the town is traditional and charming, with cobblestone streets and colonial style. In Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan’s natural treasure, there are up to seven islands, among the most outstanding are Janitzio, Yunuen and Pacanda, in these small islands the Day of the Dead is lived with great devotion, you can take a tour to any of them leaving from the pier, whether you visit them during this holiday or not. You can also take an essential boat ride to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and admire the famous fishermen of the region with their typical butterfly nets.

Extra tip: Another spectacular lake view you can have is from Hacienda Oponguino, if you are looking for a gourmet experience, here you will learn all about the elaboration process and enjoy a tasting of their authentic artisanal mezcals made with passion and tradition. 

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