Valle de Santiago

Located approximately two hours from Guanajuato, this town is part of the zone of influence of the Chupicuaro ethnic group; witnesses of this are the ceramic pieces found in the archaeological sites and farmlands of the place.

Valle de Santiago is a place surrounded by seven inactive volcanic craters that are known as the 7 Luminaries. In ancient times the number seven was used to designate an indefinite number greater than six, so the seven luminaries of Valle de Santiago were multiple volcanoes that today are represented by beautiful and unique natural formations, which make up the attraction of this site.

A must-visit in this town is the Rincón del Parangueo; a crater that is entered through a tunnel, which was originally excavated to let the water out of the lake that was inside, today in the crater is a white background of saltpeter, which resembles a lunar landscape.

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