Valle de Santiago

Located approximately two hours from Guanajuato, this town is part of the zone of influence of the Chupicuaro ethnic group; witnesses of this are the ceramic pieces found in the archaeological sites and farmlands of the place. Valle de Santiago is a place surrounded by seven inactive volcanic craters that are known as the 7 […]


In the southeast of the state of Guanajuato is located this authentic region of Tarascan origin; “the place where the water enters”. Tarandacuao has an unparalleled natural wealth, it offers beautiful springs such as the well-known “Ojo de Agua”, the Lerma River, natural limit with Michoacan, this river is the main of this site, around […]

Aculco, a Small Colonial Gem Hardly Known

Recently we explored Magical Town of Aculco, which is even and hardly known among Mexicans!  Its origin dates back to prehispanic times, when the settlement was established by the Otomí culture and during the spanish colony. The franciscan order started the building of San Jerónimo Convent in 1540, which nowadays forms the center of this historical town.  Aculco is […]

Ecotourism in Mexico

Mexico is without a doubt an amazing country, full of wonders that many people don’t even know, its natural attractions are just amazing: natural pools with turquoise water, virgin cenotes, archeological places to be explored, rivers, beaches and many natural places that only a few travelers have seen. In Mexcellence Travel we know about the […]

Chichen Itza, “the city on the edge of the well of Itzaes

Chichen Itza is a legendary mayan city due to its importance as a cultural and political centre of the old civilizatiob. It was claimed as world heritage by UNESCO in 1988 and is also ones of the modern world’s wonders since 2007. No doubt, this place must be in your list for visiting whenever you […]