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In the southeast of the state of Guanajuato is located this authentic region of Tarascan origin; “the place where the water enters”.

Tarandacuao has an unparalleled natural wealth, it offers beautiful springs such as the well-known “Ojo de Agua”, the Lerma River, natural limit with Michoacan, this river is the main of this site, around it you can contemplate ahuahuete trees, predominant in regions abundant in water. Don´t miss the opportunity to practice kayaking in this natural jewel.

The offer of this destination extends to a great variety of products not only natural but also gastronomic, religious, and above all artisanal, such as the “Parador Turístico Artesanal” of Javier Servin, where you will find a fantastic ceramic and porcelain workshop, which also has gardens, cabins, galleries, and restaurant.

During your stay visit the emblematic temple of Santiago Apostle, the house of culture, and the different ceramic workshops, or have a delicious coffee in the main square while admiring the architectural beauty of the place.

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