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Jalisco, Pulse of Emotion and Tradition

Jalisco, renowned as the birthplace of mariachi, tequila and charro, offers an unparalleled experience for travelers looking to discover Mexico’s rich heritage. For those seeking an adventure steeped in flavor, color, and tradition, Jalisco stands as an unrivaled destination.

It is impossible to talk about Jalisco without mentioning its most famous drink: tequila. This liquor distilled from the agave plant is a fundamental part of Mexican culture and its production is mainly concentrated in the Tequila region. Here you can explore the old distilleries where this elixir is produced, learn about the production process and, of course, enjoy a tequila tasting.

Guadalajara, the vibrant capital of the state, effortlessly blends modernity with colonial charm. Stroll through the historic center and marvel at the majesty of the Guadalajara Cathedral and the Cabañas Cultural Institute, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Guadalajara is also known for its vibrant cultural scene, which includes mariachi shows, folkloric dances and music festivals.

Jalisco is dotted with enchanting magical towns that retain their authenticity and traditional charm. Explore a world of creativity in Tlaquepaque as you venture into the craft markets, where you will find a stunning variety of ceramics, textiles, blown glass and jewelry, each piece reflecting the skill and passion of its creators.

Let yourself be seduced by the enticing aromas emanating from the restaurants and cafes, where local gastronomy fuses with traditional and contemporary flavors.

Jalisco presents a tapestry of experiences, boasting not only rich culture and delectable gastronomy but also showcasing breathtaking coastlines along the Pacific. From unspoiled beaches cradled by verdant foliage to opulent resorts replete with every luxury, the offerings are as diverse as they are captivating.

At the heart of this coastal allure lies Puerto Vallarta, a jewel among Mexico’s seaside destinations. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, this picturesque city is a testament to tropical splendor. 

North of Puerto Vallarta lies the stunning Riviera Nayarit, a stretch of unspoiled coastline that extends along miles of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Here, visitors can explore beaches such as Sayulita, known for its bohemian atmosphere and excellent surfing waves, or Punta Mita, an exclusive luxury destination with world-class resorts and oceanfront golf courses. 

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