Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua is a mystical place, where nature surrounds us and still marvels. This landscape is unique in America, since there are only two systems of petrified waterfalls worldwide, and in Oaxaca it is the only one on the continent.

This is a vision you will not forget: a landscape that is lost on the horizon, full of natural pools and clean, therapeutic waters, and a monumental petrified waterfall, immune to time; which was once part of a pre-Hispanic irrigation system.

In Mexcellence Travel we tell you a little more about this wonderful … Hierve el Agua is a wonderful place nestled in the heights, and has been recognized as a possible sacred place of the Zapotecs, as it rises like a spring – almost oasis – in an area which is quite arid, in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by vegetation.

It is characterized by its white color and the immensity of these natural pools that are over 200 meters high. It is known that Hierve el Agua – the system – was formed millions of years ago by carbonated water that drained downhill, driven by the current that comes from the top of the ravine.

In turn, the contrast between the white of the pools and its turquoise water (which should be mentioned we have not seen anything like it) makes it an almost paradisiacal vision, where you can take a break and let yourself be enveloped by the sounds of nature, In the peace of water. This turns out to be a slightly warmer temperature than usual, varying between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. It is well below the boiling point, but from there comes the name of this site!

Even so, the pools are not the only attraction of Hierve el Agua, since its historical legacy makes us learn more about the ancient inhabitants of the region. In addition, it is a true tourist attraction that you can enjoy for more than a few hours, as there are bathrooms, dressing rooms, palapas, and small fountains where you can taste delicious Oaxacan food.

Let Mexcellence Travel take you to know Hierve el Agua and the wonders around it.

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