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Balandra Beach, Baja California Sur

One of the best beaches in Mexico and the world, without a doubt is Balandra Beach, is hidden in the peninsula of Baja California Sur, very close to the City of La Paz. In Mexcellence Travel we want to tell you more about this beautiful place…

It is located about 25 km from La Paz, a mushroom-shaped rock is the protagonist of the beach landscape. It is a little known beach, but it is certainly very beautiful and a paradise that you should not miss, because thanks to its location it is not easy to reach it, which allows you to have complete peace, without many tourists around, and thus be able to enjoy Every corner that this place provides you.

Its crystal clear waters surrounded by low mountains, allow you to have an incredible view of the open sea, where you can admire the ships that pass through the gulf. Its depth is small, which will allow you to walk a large section from side to side, and it is certainly an ideal option for small children to play freely.

The calm of its waters make it ideal for kayaking, you can also snoop, because the water is so transparent that you can enjoy the marine fauna of this beautiful place. Or if you prefer you can take a walk to its surroundings, the rocky landscape and the turquoise tone of the sea will be the perfect setting for many photographs. The surrounding trails and the beach are protected, it is considered a Protected Natural Area, so you will not find hotels or restaurants nearby, the best option will be to bring lunch and drinks, we assure you that once you step on it you will not want to leave the place in a long time.

In Mexcellence Travel we love the representative places of Mexico and especially tell you about the few known, since we know that you can spend incredible days admiring its natural beauty.

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