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Indigenous Communities. A Journey to the Living Mayan Culture.

Discover a magical place in Mexico, where ancestral traditions and living culture combine to create a unique experience: Zinacantán and San Juan Chamula. In these two picturesque villages, located in the mountains of Chiapas, you will immerse yourself in the richness of indigenous customs, colorful costumes and unique spiritual practices.

Zinacantan: Weavings and Traditions

Entering Zinacantán is like immersing yourself in a canvas full of vivid colors and authenticity. This Mayan town is characterized by its weaving skills, where expert hands create rugs and textiles that tell stories of the local culture. Explore the local markets and discover how each piece is a testament to the legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation.

San Juan Chamula: An Overview of Ancient Beliefs

San Juan Chamula is a sanctuary of Mayan spirituality. The temple of San Juan is the heart of religious life in the town, where Catholic traditions are intertwined with ancestral beliefs. Within its walls, you will witness unique and mysterious rituals, the floor covered with pine leaves, candles and offerings create an incomparable mystical experience.

The food in Zinacantán and San Juan Chamula is a reflection of the local culture and traditions. Delight yourself with authentic dishes that combine fresh ingredients and ancestral culinary techniques. From the flavor of the corn to the exquisite traditional drinks, every bite brings you closer to the authenticity of this region.

One of the most enriching experiences of visiting Zinacantán and San Juan Chamula is the opportunity to interact with the local inhabitants. The Mayan hospitality will offer you a warm welcome, and you will be able to participate in workshops, festivals and activities that will allow you to connect with the daily life of these communities.

Exploring Zinacantán and San Juan Chamula is more than a journey, it is an encounter with Mayan authenticity and the living history of Mexico. In these places, traditions are kept alive and the past merges with the present in a unique way. At Mexcellence Travel we are here to help you design an itinerary that will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture, art and spirituality of these fascinating locations. Get ready to live an experience that will leave a mark in your heart and in your travel memories!

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