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La Guelaguetza, Oaxaca. One of the biggest festivals in Latin America!

It involves one of the most emblematic ethnic celebrations of the state of Oaxaca, but what does “La Guelaguetza” mean?

Its origin comes from the Zapotec word “Guendalezaa” which means offering. It began as a ritual of the ancient gods, and since then it became a tradition for the local people, also, it is part of the popular cults to the Virgen del Carmen, that is why its celebration takes place on the two Mondays closest to the religious festivity, in the month of July of each year.

It takes place in the iconic city of Oaxaca de Juárez, in which the different delegations from the 7 regions of the state participate; it is a party full of music, dances, traditions and exquisite flavors where the great diversity of Oaxaca is shown. The main stage is centered in the Guelaguetza Auditorium located in Cerro del Fortin, however this huge event can be felt in any corner of the city from the early hours of the day until late at night, a real spectacle!

The show covers the entire history of Mexico in 4 periods: the pre-hispanic era: dances  that Mexicas offered in honor of the goddess Centeótl, (goddess of agriculture and corn) are performed; colonial era: here comes about a procession for the Virgen del Carmen and a carnival accompanied by music of the state band; independent Mexico: the typical dress of the state is appreciated, catrinas, charros and chinas de calenda; contemporary period: all the culture is shown in its maximum splendor, it ends with a poem dedicated to this glorious place and the sky lights up with fireworks.

Nowadays, the Guelaguetza has become a worldwide expected celebration, since it is the historical, religious, cultural and gastronomic representation that gives life and essence to the state of Oaxaca. The Guelaguetza is undoubtedly a celebration you don’t want to miss, come and live this experience full of color and tradition. 

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