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Palizada, place of canoes

Palizada is a colorful Magical Town located southwest of Campeche, named by the Mayans as “place of the canoes”. The river of the same name was used as a commercial route from its beginnings until the time of the conquest; precious woods were transported along it and in exchange were received Marseilles tiles that today are part of the landscape and the charm of this beautiful place decorating the roofs of the houses.

In this quiet destination the day starts early; stroll through the colorful aisles of the market full of food stands, fresh fruit and delicious corn atole. Take an unmissable boat ride on the river where you can admire the fascinating local fauna, such as; crocodiles, turtles, manatees and a variety of birds.

Walk through the picturesque historic center where you will find the emblematic church of San Joaquin, take a walk along the Malecon, in front of it you will find the Municipal Palace, a representative building with great architecture that looks reddish and yellow tones, has four balconies that will certainly catch your attention.

After a long day of walking, take a break in the Benito Juarez Park to enjoy a delicious artisanal ice cream or a nice hot cup of coffee and just let yourself be embraced by the flavors and the warmth of the town.

What to eat?

Typical here are the dishes that the fishermen bring from the water to the table, such as the traditional “pejelagarto”.

Where to sleep?

If you are a nature lover, Rancho San Roman has the perfect atmosphere for your stay, with comfortable rooms and cozy cabins by the river”.

This marvelous place is approximately 182 kilometers from Villahermosa and 118 kilometers from Palenque, it could connect perfectly with any natural route. Don’t forget to add it to your list of destinations in Mexico!

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